Frequently asked questions

Can’t get into Urbis Loop? Contact us at

How can I access Urbis Loop?

We are committed to data security and all Urbis Loop users must be verified before access is provided. If you do not have a login for Urbis Loop, please send in a request through the form on the homepage and one of our city shapers will be in touch to let you know about subscription options and set up an account.

Why am I receiving an error when trying to log in?

Your account may not be activated. Our team will have sent you an email with the subject heading ‘Welcome to Urbis Loop’. Within this email is a link to activate your email account. If you have misplaced or never received this email, please get in touch with our team.

I need to reset my password but it says ‘the user ID does not exist’

Please contact our team. We will update your account details.

I need to reset my password but it asks for administrator permission

Urbis Loop uses a Microsoft platform and we never see, edit or store any passwords. Your password will be the same as your corporate account details, which can be reset with administrative permission from your IT department. Still no luck? Get in contact with our team.

Oops… looks like something has gone wrong…

If this error message appears when you log into Urbis Loop, your account may not be activated. Please contact our team who will send you a link to activate your Urbis Loop account.

Have a question that isn’t answered above? Please send a request to our team and we will endeavour to get you back in Urbis Loop.